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Secure a position for yourself in Australia’s thriving healthcare industry as a foreign national by scoring well in PTE for nursing registration. With us, embark on a journey of excellence and meet the scoring requirements of PTE for AHPRA registration.

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Mastering PTE for Nursing Registration in Australia


To build a medical career in Australia, you have to meet all the eligibility requirements set by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). While it sets an eligibility criteria for every aspiring professional, one added requirement for foreign nationals is the PTE test. Apart from showcasing your medical know-how, you also have to prove your proficiency in the English language. As a nurse, you are directly involved with the patients and this role demands constant and proper communication. So, if you plan to work in Australia and English is not one of your strong suits, it will definitely hinder your ability to perform your duties and can also potentially put the patients at risk.

That’s why though English is not a marker of your excellence or expertise it does determine your ability to perform well in an English speaking country.

So, if you have decided to move to Australia and build your nursing career there, join us and take a step towards achieving the required score in PTE For Nursing Registration. We are EnglishWise, a team of English language experts helping all enrolling students improve their language skills and pass the PTE for AHPRA registration with flying colours. Our online PTE coaching for nursing targets each aspect of language proficiency and will help you set confidently through your PTE exam in Dubai.

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Dubai’s best Online PTE Coaching for Nursing Registration in Australia

With years of experience guiding both students and professionals towards their dream PTE score, we are the one team you need to connect with for comprehensive PTE guidance and coaching. When you connect with us for our online PTE coaching for nursing we will take you through everything you need to know, including the PTE format, marking criteria and additional insights. With in-depth knowledge of the PTE exam and native level proficiency in English, we will help you prepare right and score well.


Once you connect with us, our language experts will set with you to determine your proficiency level and understand your strengths and weaknesses. We understand that each enrolling student will have diverse requirements and that’s why we follow a tailored approach to best cater to them. Our customised study plans will help you build on your strength areas and develop the areas where you lack and target your overall language proficiency. So, connect with us today and find a surefire way to crack the PTE for nursing registration.

PTE Requirements for AHPRA Registration

You might have extensive medical knowledge but if you are unable to communicate with your patient, you won’t be able to perform your everyday tasks as a nurse. That’s exactly why to start your nursing career in Australia you have to prove your proficiency in the English language.

  • You need English to communicate (listen and speak) with your patients and other healthcare professionals like doctors and therapists.
  • As a nurse you will have to maintain detailed patient records and here your ability to write comes into play.
  • When administering medicines to patients you will have to read their medical history and medicine label and identify any potential side effects. So, your ability to read English is also important.

This establishes why PTE for nursing registration is a valid requirement and one which you should take seriously. So, it’s important that you put your best foot forward and fill any gaps in your language skills and prepare well to fulfil your role as a nurse. At Englishwise, we are there to help you with the same with our online PTE classes for nursing. So, enrol today and start your PTE preparatory journey.


Pte and Naati Ccl Scorecard of Our Students

Minimum PTE Score Requirements for Nursing Registration in Australia

To qualify the PTE for nursing registration, you will have to score at least 65 points in each section. PTE tests you on four aspects of language proficiency, namely, reading, writing, speaking and listening. So, your online PTE coaching for nursing should target all the four fronts and make way for comprehensive preparation.

  • Our experienced educators are familiar with the specific language skills required for nursing registration and they follow a targeted approach to PTE coaching.
  • With us, you will have access to world-class coaching and premium practice materials including mock tests. Access our mock tests any time and practice at your convenience.
  • We offer personalised coaching and guidance to help you identify and tackle your weak points.
  • Our study materials will give you a complete understanding of the PTE exam and will make way for foolproof preparation.

Achieve your desired PTE Score for Nursing in Australia

Once you enrol for our online PTE classes for nursing we will target diverse aspects of language proficiency including, grammar, vocabulary, intonation, tone, fluency, etc. We will also target your time management skills to make sure you are able to complete the exam within the given duration. At Englishwise we follow a holistic approach and make sure you are fully-equipped to sit for each section of the PTE exam. So, if you have already scheduled your PTE test for AHPRA registration or are planning to schedule one, connect with us for our online PTE coaching for nursing and take the first step towards achieving your dream PTE score.

To know more about PTE for nursing registration or to enrol for our online PTE classes for nursing, get in touch with us today.

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The PTE exam fee in Dubai is 1200 AED. But this fee is subject to change, so, we recommend you go through the official PTE website for exact fee details for your specific location.

Yes, to qualify the PTE for nursing registration, you have to score 65+ points in each section of the PTE exam, namely, reading, writing, speaking and listening.

PTE or other language tests like IELTS is specifically an eligibility AHPRA registration requirement for international nursing graduates. So, if you are a foreigner and wish to pursue a nursing career in Australia, scoring well in the PTE exam can be the first step in that direction.

Yes, you can retake the PTE exam as many times as you want. But note that the fees you pay are valid for just one attempt and for the second attempt you will have to pay the fees again.

Usually the PTE scores are valid for a period of 2 years but different organisations might have some specific criterias. So, we suggest you directly enquire with the employer and determine their requirements.

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