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Are you planning to move to any English speaking country and build a career or pursue your studies there? If yes, proving your English language proficiency is a key requirement. And that’s why before you send in your applications, you have to sit for the PTE exam in Dubai, a globally accepted language proficiency test and pass the exam with flying colours.

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PTE Exam in Dubai: Fees, Test Centres & Format


If you are a non-native English speaker and wish to move to an English speaking country for educational or professional purposes, you would need to first prove your proficiency in the language. When you move to a foreign country, language can become a barrier which limits you from exhibiting your potential or working to the best of your ability. If you cannot communicate with the natives, you are sure to lag behind on the personal, professional and educational front. That’s exactly why language proficiency tests like THE are a key requirement for studying or working in most English speaking countries like the US or the UK.

  • The PTE exam in Dubai or any other country is divided into 4 sections, namely reading, writing, speaking and listening.
    • Reading: The reading section tests your ability to read and comprehend written speech. The type of questions covered include MCQs, fill in the blanks, etc.
    • Writing: The writing section of PTE exam in UAE includes essay writing and test summarisation and tests you on your vocabulary, grammar, summarisation skills, creativity, etc.
    • Speaking: The speaking tests your pronunciation, confidence, fluency, etc., and covers questions like read aloud, repeat sentences, describe images and a lot more.
    • Listening: In the listening sections you will be tested on your ability to analyse things in your heart, your critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, etc.
  • The PTE fee in UAE is 1200 AED for both PTE Academic and General, inclusive of 5% tax. The fees are valid only for one attempt, for the second one, you will have to pay the fees again.
  • PTE test centres in Dubai are located in three cities, namely, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, you can choose the one closest to you for convenient access.

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Why Choose PTE Over Other Language Proficiency Tests?

When it comes to language proficiency tests, there are several options – PTE, IELTS, OET, etc., but PTE is most readily accepted by institutions and corporations across the globe. There are several reasons why you should choose PTE exam in Dubai over the other tests –

  • There are 2 main PTE exams, PTE Academic and PTE General. If you are planning to move abroad to pursue education, you can opt for PTE Academic and you can sit for PTE General if you wish to immigrate or find employment.
  • PTE exam in Oman offers quick results within 2-5 business days. So, if you have some deadlines to meet, PTE Academic or General can be your right choice.
  • Being a computer-based test, PTE does away with the stress of being tested by a human examiner. Also, this ensures a complete objectivity in marking without any bias.
  • With frequent test dates and several global locations giving you flexibility in choosing when and where you want to take the test.
  • PTE is a globally recognised test and is widely accepted by academic institutions and government agencies for visa applications. So, whatever your reasons for sitting for a language proficiency test might be, the PTE exam in Qatar is suited for all.

These are some factors which make PTE a better choice over other language proficiency tests. So, if you think PTE is the one language test you need to sit for and are now looking for a team that can help you prepare for the same, connect with our team at Englishwise today. With us, make sure that you sit all prepared and confident at your chosen test centre and pass the exam with flying colours.

Reasons Why You Should Consider the PTE Exam in Dubai!

PTE exam is a language proficiency test attempted by individuals from all walks of life including students and working professionals. But if you are still wondering whether you should sit for the PTE exam in Egypt. here are a few reasons why you should consider it –

Educational Purposes
If you plan to study in any of the English speaking countries, you will have to first prove your proficiency in the native language, i.e., English. And as PTE is accepted by all leading universities across the globe as a proof of language proficiency, you can score well in the exam, demonstrate your language skills and boost your chances of getting into your dream university.

Professional Purposes
English might not be a marker of excellence but it does determine your ability to communicate and excel in any English speaking country. That’s why if you are a non-native speaker, you will have to prove your language proficiency to be eligible for most professional roles. By sitting for the PTE exam in Dubai, you can showcase your command over English and acquire the certification or licensing required to work abroad.

Immigration and Visa Purposes
Some countries, like the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, accept PTE scores for visa applications, both student visas and skilled worker visas. Also, your PTE score can be a factor which boosts your application for permanent residence or citizenship in several of these countries. So, if you are a resident of Dubai and plan to migrate abroad, add PTE examin Dubai to your checklist and extend a foolproof application.


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Expert Online PTE Coaching in Dubai

If English is not your first language, you might be worried about how to achieve the perfect score and boost your chances of getting into your dream university or job. That’s where we come into the picture. We are Englishwise, a team providing comprehensive PTE coaching in Dubai for both PTE Academic and PTE General. We are known for our tailored approach to learning. We will determine your overall proficiency level, including your strengths and weaknesses and develop a study plan that best suits your requirements.

At Englishwise we understand how important scoring well in your PTE exam in Bahrain is for you. That’s why we always travel the extra mile to teach you the basics and help you acquire mastery over the English language.

Experienced & Expert Trainers
With native level proficiency over English and years of experience teaching PTE, we will offer your comprehensive training and offer all the knowledge and insights you need to score well.

Proven Success
We have a proven track record of helping all our students achieve the desired results and this a testimony of our expertise.

Personalised Approach
At Englishwise we follow a tailored approach to make sure our coaching methodologies and curriculum meets your unique needs and help you get a perfect score in your PTE exam in Saudi Arabia.

Comprehensive PTE Coaching
We offer comprehensive PTE coaching covering all sections of the test, including Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading.

When you choose us as your PTE partners, you sign for lessons that will help you develop your language skills and practice sessions that will boost your confidence. So, connect with us and prepare for your PTE exam in Dubai the right way.

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The PTE Academic or General exam is 3 hours long and includes a 10 hour break. This duration is the same across all test centres and you cannot leave the exam hall in between the exam period unless in case of an emergency.

In PTE, you can score between 10-90 points (for each section) with 10 being the lowest score. You will have to score well in each section to qualify the exam. Every university or organisation will have specific score requirements, so, make sure to do your research and figure out the same and set your target accordingly.

PTE Academic is used for educational purposes, primarily academic admissions and PTE General is designed for general English language proficiency and is often used for purposes like employment or immigration.

Yes, you can always retake the PTE exam if you are not satisfied with your score. There is no bar on the number of attempts or the waiting period between attempts but we recommend you take ample time to prepare to ensure better results. But note that your PTE fee is valid for one attempt, for the second attempt you will have to pay the fees again.

Your PTE score will be valid for a period of two years from the date of result declaration. But some universities or organisations have their specific criterias regarding score validity, so, make sure to do your research and determine these criteria beforehand to avoid any confusion.

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