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Don’t let your language proficiency be what stands between you and your dream of studying or working in any English-speaking country. Enrol for our PTE classes in Abu Dhabi, train with world-class educators, develop/polish your English language skills, achieve the desired score and put forth a rejection-proof application.

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When moving to an English speaking country, your proficiency in the native language can determine your ability to excel in your chosen field and build meaningful relationships at work or school. And that’s why most universities and organisations have language proficiency tests as part of their eligibility requirements. So, if you are planning to move to an English speaking country for study or work purposes and have to crack the PTE exam in Abu Dhabi for the same, connect with our team at Englishwise today. We are a team of English language experts dedicated to help all enrolling students pass the PTE exam with flying colours.

With native level proficiency in English and an in-depth understanding of the PTE format, are fully qualified to offer you the lessons and guidance you need to perform well. We understand that each person coming to us will have unique requirements, so we will sit with you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and develop a lesson plan accordingly.

Our online PTE Coaching in Abu Dhabi is designed to be a comprehensive study program which will target all sections of PTE, namely, reading, writing, listening and speaking. We target each section individually and conduct several practice sessions and mock tests to help you test your acquired knowledge and boost your overall confidence level. We will be there with you from the start to the end of your PTE preparatory journey, timely addressing all your concerns and ensuring you are fully prepared before the exam day arrives. So, whether you have already booked your exam slot or are planning to do so, connect with us for a personalised coaching experience.

Why English Wise for PTE Online Coaching / Training?


1-1 interaction with each student


7 days classes


Live discussion


Student tracker


Advanced sessions


Weekly live sessions


AI Scored software


Strategy Sessions


Feedback classes

What You Get At EnglishWise

ALL NAATI CCL preparation materials (included in the course) at no extra cost
Unlimited Coaching and Assistance for 2 months
700-800 Vocabulary to practice
Personal and Private Feedback STRATEGIES + TECHNIQUES for NAATI CCL 50-60 Dialogues
Past exam repeated questions
Weekdays & weekend classes available
Assistance in booking NAATI CCL Exam

All You Need to Know About PTE Exam in Abu Dhabi

Before you sit for the exam, you need to know what exactly PTE is and if it is the right choice for you. To make it easier for you, here is everything you need to know about the PTE exam in Abu Dhabi.

  • The PTE exam fee in Abu Dhabi is 1200 AED for both PTE academic and general. This fee includes 5% taxes.
  • There are several PTE exam centres in Abu Dhabi and you can choose the location closest to you for easy and convenient access.
  • The PTE exam in Abu Dhabi follows the same format as every other PTE exam. The exam is divided into four sections, reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • The PTE exam is conducted numerous times across the year, so you can choose any date that best fits your schedule.
  • You can sign up for the exam by visiting the official Pearson website and by paying the exam fees.
  • You can either sit for PTE Academic or PTE General depending on your purpose of writing the exam. If you need language proficiency proof for educational purposes, sit for PTE Academic in Abu Dhabi and choose PTE General if you need it for professional or immigration purposes.
  • You will receive the PTE test results within 2-5 business days, making it an efficient choice if you have any upcoming application deadlines.

This is all the basic information you need to know about the PTE exam in Abu Dhabi. If you have any more doubts, you can connect with us and our team would be more than happy to help. At Englishwise we always start our online PTE classes in Abu Dhabi by taking you through the basis of the test and then slowly move into the actual language lessons. We believe that to ace any exam you need to understand its format well, so as to avoid any surprises during the exam. We follow a streamlined approach and target all areas that might impact your results. So, choose for your online PTE coaching in Abu Dhabi and pave the path for success.

Why Go For the PTE Exam?

When it comes to proving your English language proficiency, there are several tests that you can sit for including PTE, OET and IELTS. So, why choose PTE over the rest? It’s because PTE is widely accepted as a marker of language proficiency by educational, professional and government organisations and institutions. You can also sit for the exam if you simply wish to use it to gauge your language skills and be prepared in advance for a future requirement. Note that a PTE test result is usually valid for 2 years, so keep that in mind while scheduling the exam. So, irrespective of why you need a proof of your language proficiency, PTE can be the right choice for you.

People from different walks of life with varied ambitions sit for the PTE exam. While some wish to study abroad, some wish to kick start their career there. Here are some fronts on which a PTE exam in Abu Dhabi can help you –

  • If you wish to pursue education in any English speaking country, your hold over English will determine your ability to follow your academic pursuits without language ever being a barrier. So, most universities have English language proficiency tests like PTE as part of their eligibility criteria.
  • If you plan to work abroad, your PTE scores can help you stand out from the tough competition. If you cannot communicate well, you won’t be able to function well in a group set-up and therefore, your proficiency in English becomes a key requirement.
  • If you are applying for permanent residence or citizenship, a good PTE score can boost your application.


Pte and Naati Ccl Scorecard of Our Students

Comprehensive Online PTE Coaching in Abu Dhabi

At Englishwise we cover all aspects of learning and sign up our students for a holistic experience. Here are a few aspects we cover in our PTE classes in Abu Dhabi.

  • Speaking: Covers several tasks such as answering questions, describing images, summarising spoken texts, etc to help you develop your speaking skills.
  • Writing: We will target your grammar, vocabulary and summarising skills through several tasks like essay writing, written text summarisation, etc.
  • Reading: We will help you improve reading comprehension skills through several mock tests which cover aspects like understanding supporting details, inferring meaning, and summarising information.
  • Listening: You will closely engage with several audio recordings, including lectures, conversations, and interviews to improve your listening prowess.
  • Vocabulary: We will help you improve your vocab through diverse exercises unique to each student.
  • Grammar: We will take you through essential grammar rules and structures, help you understand them and give you tasks to apply them in real-life scenarios.
  • Pronunciation: we will target your overall pronunciation skills including fluency, intonation, dress and help you develop desirable natural speech patterns.
  • Mock Tests: Once we have covered the basics, we will move on to mock tests to test your knowledge. Depending on the results, we will plan your next PTE classes in Dubai.

So, we will go through each aspect of the English language and make sure you are all ready to pass the exam with the perfect score. If this is the kind of coaching you were looking for, then connect with us at Englishwise today. To know more about PTE classes in Abu Dhabi or to know about our educators or success rate, reach out to us directly.

Meet the training team


While you can always study on your own, if you need expert guidance and someone who can take you though the specifics of the exam, then you should opt for PTE coaching in Abu Dhabi. When you choose us as your language instructors, you get access to a streamlined training program, well-designed practice sessions and mock tests, and strategies to improve your English language skills. So, if you are serious about getting the perfect score in the first go, then the option for professional lessons is your best bet.

The PTE exam fee is the same across the whole of UAE, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The PTE exam fee in Abu Dhabi is 1200 AED inclusive of 5% taxes for both PTE academic and general.

There is no exact number which works for everyone. Depending on your language proficiency level and your target score, the duration can range anywhere between a few weeks to months. When you connect with us and share your requirements, we will be sure to give you the specifics related to the coaching duration.

While we do our best to help all enrolling students achieve the desired score, a lot of it actually depends upon the amount of work you put in. We will be sure to deliver all the lessons, conduct mock tests and find the scope for improvement but you will have to practise in your time to achieve a high score in PTE.

Yes, you can sit for the PTE exam as many times as you wish if you are not satisfied with the results. But note that the fee you pay is valid for just one attempt and if you wish to re-attempt you have to pay the fees again.

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