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Make sure your targeted PTE score is within your arm’s reach with our PTE experts at EnglishWise. With us, acquire the required knowledge, master the intricacies of the English language to the bone, sit confidently through the test and achieve the desired results.

Turn Your Dream of Going Abroad Into a Reality with Our PTE Course

Do you dream of pursuing your education or finding employment in an English-speaking country but held back because you lack skills in English language? So, attaining a good hold over the language and passing the PTE or Pearson Test of English might be the one milestone you need to cross to fulfil your dream.

PTE is an English language proficiency test that assesses your English listening, writing, reading and speaking skills. As a non-native English speaker, your English proficiency impacts your eligibility to successfully work or study in the UK, Australia, Canada, and other popular study-abroad destinations. That’s why tests like PTE are often an eligibility requirement for leading educational institutions and commercial enterprises. PTE is a globally accepted yardstick which measures whether you would be able to interact, communicate and assimilate with a predominantly English-speaking population. So, the PTE exam is a technical requirement that helps determine your ability to connect and excel during your stint abroad. That is why our PET experts go beyond imparting surface knowledge and aim to help the enrolling students acquire native-level proficiency in the English language. While our primary focus is to help you pass the PET exam with flying colours, our interactive and all-encompassing teaching methodology will help you interact with others without language ever being a barrier.

Irrespective of your proficiency level, our PTE course will help you master the language and ace the exam. With a well-thought curriculum and lessons delivered by expert educators, you will immerse yourself in an innovative learning experience beyond textbooks. With us, you won’t mug up the lessons but get a complete hold over English vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar through an interactive experience. Our lessons would be accompanied by practice sessions where you will solve sample papers and build the confidence you need to sit through a PTE exam successfully.

With Our Guidance, Pass Your PTE Test with Flying colours

Have you already submitted your PTE exam fee and are now worried about whether you will be able to pass the test? Fret not because our English language experts are here with the guidance you need. With free mock tests, PTE preparation materials, Real Exam Simulation Software, 100+ hours of Coaching and Assessments, feedback sessions, and much more, passing PTE would be a cakewalk. Our PTE course starts with the basics and takes you through the intricacies of the English language and everything else that would be tested during the PTE exam. With us, you will learn, practice, implement and build a strong foundation for yourself.

Once you enrol in our PTE online coaching program and timely complete the lesson plans and practice exercises, you will confidently sit for the exam and do your best. Through years of dedication and hard work, we have established ourselves as one of the most reputed PTE coaching providers. We are proud of each success story that we weaved through the collective efforts of educators and students. So, fill up the form, pay the PTE course fees and mark the beginning of your learning journey with us.


Join Us, and Your PTE Exam Fees Won’t be Spent in Vain

Learning a new language can be quite daunting, but don’t let it keep you from living the life of your dreams. For you, your PTE exam might be the one milestone you need to cross to get into your dream college or work in your dream company. So, don’t leave it to chance and avail of expert guidance. Join us at EnglishWise, learn from our learned professionals and achieve your dream PTE score in one go.

Speaking Skills

Your speaking skills can go a long way in helping you secure your dream PTE score and bring down your score if not practised well. So, under our PTE course, we will target all dimensions of English speaking, including intonation, pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency and help you speak confidently without any stutter.

Listening Skills

The next section of the PTE exam tests your listening skills. Here via practice sessions, we will take you through the prevalent English accents and help you understand the most complex ones without any difficulty.

Reading Skills

To help you perform well in the reading section, we will target different aspects of your reading comprehension skills, including decoding the sentences, vocabulary, reading speed, etc. our lessons and practice sessions are meant to help you read, grasp and register the sentences and passages effortlessly.

Writing Skills

Our PTE experts will teach you how to write perfect sentences with correct grammar and syntax. They will also try amplifying the creative quotient and help you form original sentences via regular practice and feedback sessions.

As a team dedicated to excellence, we will track your progress and constantly find the scope for improvement. Our educators will identify your language strengths and weaknesses and adopt a tailored approach to help you improve. With regular feedback sessions, we will guide you in the right direction and ensure you make the best of your time with us. Irrespective of whether you have already paid your PTE exam fees, we will structure your course to achieve the desired results in the minimum timeframe. Every session would be productive and will go a long way in helping you achieve your dream PTE score.

While you book a PTE course with us, you can engage in PTE practice online with our Mock Tests. We have launched the world’s best AL-Scored PTE software and you can use the trial version and attempt a few mock tests.

Success Stories

Rated 4.8/5 by our past students

What You Get At EnglishWise

ALL PTE preparation materials (included in the course at no extra cost)

PTE Booklet

Pte Real Exam Simulation Software

Monthly Prediction Files

5 Full Mock Tests Assessments Worth $200 (100% Free)

100+ hours of Coaching and Assessments

Unlimited Practice at Institute! Mon – Sun

Online PTE Practice software Access – 6 months

Personal and Private Feedback STRATEGIES + TECHNIQUES for All 4 PTE Modules

4 X 15 minutes Private Consultation with PTE Expert Assistance in booking PTE Exam

PROPER COMPUTER LAB FOR practicing Mock tests in Real exam environment

Advance & one on one feedback sessions in the lab included

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Frequently Asked Questions

A PTE exam fee in Australia is 410 AUD.

To know about our PTE course fee or fee structure, you can get on a call with our experts at Englishwise. Our fees would cover lessons from one of the world’s most qualified teachers and free learning materials, assessments and mock tests worth $200.

Yes, we understand that your learning needs and language proficiency would differ from other enrolling students. So, we always follow a tailored approach via our one-to-one tutoring and provide you with a personalised learning experience.

There are three types of PTE exams, namely

  • PTE General (basic proof of your language proficiency)
  • PTE Academic (required to study in an english-speaking country)
  • PTE Young learners (attempted by children between the ages of 6 and 13

The PTE exam fee is the same across all test types.

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