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Are you planning to sit for the PTE exam in Riyadh and are looking for a surefire way to score well in the first go? If yes, our team at Englishwise are at your service with the best online PTE coaching in Riyadh. With expert educators, world-class learning materials and premium mock tests, we will help you prepare right and pass the PTE exam with flying colours.

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A test like PTE is a marker of your English language proficiency and it showcases your ability to function well in an English-speaking country without being restricted by language barriers. That’s why both educational and professional institutions have language test scores as a part of their application requirements. So, if you have decided to move abroad and need to sit for the PTE exam in Riyadh and achieve the perfect score to give your application a good push, then connect with our team at Englishwise.

With a rich collection of PTE practice materials and mock tests and an in-depth knowledge of everything PTE-related, we are fully-equipped to help you open the pathway to success. If scoring well in the PTE exam is the milestone you need to cross to give wings to your dream of studying or working in an English speaking country like the US or Australia, feel free to reach out to us. We have over 10 years of experience delivering expert online PTE classes in Riyadh and we use that experience to deliver lessons par excellence. We target each aspect of the PTE preparation and make sure that you confidently sit through the exam and achieve satisfactory results. When you connect with us, we will sit with you to determine your language proficiency level and develop a study plan accordingly. The initial consultation will be directed towards identifying your strengths and weaknesses and we will then adopt a tailored approach to learning and best address the points where you need improvement.

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1-1 interaction with each student


7 days classes


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What You Get At EnglishWise

ALL NAATI CCL preparation materials (included in the course) at no extra cost
Unlimited Coaching and Assistance for 2 months
700-800 Vocabulary to practice
Personal and Private Feedback STRATEGIES + TECHNIQUES for NAATI CCL 50-60 Dialogues
Past exam repeated questions
Weekdays & weekend classes available
Assistance in booking NAATI CCL Exam

Why Sit for the PTE Exam in Riyadh?

If you are still considering whether to sit for the PTE exam or not, we are here to help you get the clarity you need.

  • PTE is accepted as a mark of language proficiency by over 3000+ universities across the world. This includes world-class institutions like Harvard and Oxford. So, having a PTE academic score to back up your application can increase your chances of getting into your dream college.
  • The PTE exam in Abu Dhabi follows the same format as every other PTE exam. The exam is divided into four sections, reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • When it comes to establishing your career abroad, your communication skills do become a marker of your proficiency. And that’s why most leading organisations in the UK, the US or in any other English speaking country give special consideration to candidates who have a good language proficiency test score. So, if you want your application to stand out, sitting for the PTE exam in Riyadh is a recommended option.
  • There are two classifications of PTE – PTE Academic and PTE General. PTE academic is opted by students who plan to pursue their education abroad and PTE General is suited for professionals who wish to start their career in an English-speaking country. So, depending on your requirements you can choose which one to sit for.
  • The PTE exam is not merely a technical requirement but also a functional one. As the PTE exam in Riyadh tests your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, it will help you determine your ability to communicate well in English as a non-native speaker. While preparing for the PTE exam, you will develop a strong foundation for yourself and it will be sure to help you with your stint abroad and make sure language never becomes a barrier to your success.
  • PTE has flexible test dates across the year and you can sit for the exam as many times as you want. If you are dissatisfied with the results, you can reappear for the exam after 5 days of the first attempt. But as a team delivering PTE Classes in Riyadh, we recommend you take ample time between attempts to make sure you are prepared for the exam and are not merely setting yourself up for further disappointment.

So, there are several benefits of taking the PTE exam and if you think these points work in your favour, it is your sign to sit for the PTE exam in Riyadh.

Expert Online PTE Coaching in Riyadh

At Englishwise, we take on a holistic approach and deliver guaranteed results. When you choose our PTE classes in Dubai, you make way for the kind of learning which will help you enhance your language skills and derive the desired results. After you sit for the exam, you will get the result within 2-5 business days but what determines the result is the way you prepare for the exam. You can have months to prepare for the exam and might be working on a short deadline, at Englishwise we will accommodate such needs and develop a clear and achievable action plan. Also, even if you are proficient in English but are unfamiliar with the PTE exam pattern, format, structure or scoring criteria, you might not be able to perform as well as you expected. That’s why you need the guidance of our experts at Englishwise.

Our online PTE coaching in Riyadh offers a combination of expert training along with a personalised approach to ensure that every student’s needs are met effectively. We offer specialised training for every aspect of the PTE exam which can be accessed online at all times. Students can log in at any hour and access our online study materials to keep their preparations top-notch. Furthermore, we conduct constant assessments in order to determine the progress of each student and to analyse how we can provide better coaching to students and help them through any challenges. So,if you wish to leave no stone unturned in achieving your dream PTE score, connect with us today.


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PTE Exam Fees, Format & PTE Exam Centres in Riyadh

Whether you attempt the PTE in Saudi Arabia or any other country, the exam format is going to remain the same. PTE tests you on four fronts, namely, reading, writing, speaking and listening.

  • Reading : The reading section tests your ability to read and comprehend written speech. This section includes questions like summarising passages, MCQs, fill in the blanks, etc.
  • Writing : The writing section tests your overall ability to use English as a means of written communication. This section includes an essay and summarises the passage question and you will have to put forth grammatically and syntactically correct answers.
  • Speaking : The speaking section tests your verbal prowess and marks you on different aspects of verbal speech like pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency, tone, intonation, etc.
  • Listening : The listening section will score you on your ability to retrieve and use the information you hear. Note that you will only hear the click once, so it will also test your attention and comprehension skills.

At Englishwise we are familiar with all these 4 sections and know the kind of questions that you will be tested on. So, we will tackle every kind of question and make sure you are fully prepared to attempt them all. A PTE exam attempt costs 1200 AED, so, make sure you are not wasting your money by not preparing well. So, join us and make sure you clear the exam in the first attempt. There are several PTE test centres across Riyadh, you can choose the one that best suits you in terms of proximity. Also, in Riyadh there are separate test centres for male and female candidates, so, make sure you check the availability before choosing a centre. If you need more such information and wish to score well in your PTE exam in Riyadh, connect our experts at Englishwise today.

Meet the training team


PTE is a crucial exam for anyone venturing to begin their education or career abroad, particularly in Australia or New Zealand. We offer professional and interactive coaching with a proven track record of success. Our classes are conducted in an effective and individualised manner to secure every candidate’s requirements, and we cater to every possible query that you may have.

We provide several packages per your requirements, and the duration of each course depends on the package you choose. However, most students do not require more than a few months of training to be fully equipped with all the knowledge required to score well in the exam.

Yes, absolutely. As a part of our curriculum, we constantly conduct group sessions that encourage a highly interactive environment and help develop the student’s ability to grasp knowledge better.

Yes, of course. At Englishwise, we comprise a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors with many years of experience training students for the PTE exam. You need not worry about the quality of our education as we are well-equipped with the best study materials for your PTE exam.

At Englishwise, we cater to every aspect of the PTE exam, whether it is reading, writing, speaking or listening. We provide specialised training by highly qualified instructors in a comprehensive and interactive manner.

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