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Planning to take PTE and move abroad? We can help you prepare well with our top-class PTE coaching in Manama. With our customised coaching and thorough study plans, success will be yours!

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PTE Coaching in Manama: Enrol in PTE Course & Achieve Desired PTE Score


Moving to an English-speaking country and securing a thriving career is a dream for many. However, it is a dream with a language barrier. That’s why it is essential to prove your English abilities by taking a recognised test, such as the PTE. It is short for the Pearson Test of English, and it is a highly acclaimed language test across the world.

EnglishWise has been coaching students to succeed in their PTE preparation for over 10 years, so we understand what a task it is. A lot of practice, patience, and hard work go into it, often frustrating the candidates. The first of the challenges ahead is finding the suitable PTE alternative to sit for. Essentially, the PTE exam has two classifications: PTE Academic and PTE General. While the essence of both options is the same — proving one’s English skills — they don’t apply to everyone equally. Students who wish to pursue higher studies abroad take the former, while the latter is taken by professionals who want to migrate for work.

PTE Academic
If you are a student or professional who seeks academic admission in an English-speaking country, you must opt for the PTE Academic test. This tests your English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in a 2-hour examination. The evaluation will be entirely from an academic point of view, such as the understanding of your industry vocabulary.

PTE General
Unlike PTE Academic, PTE General is focused more on the assessment of one’s general English language proficiency. It means the questions are from an everyday perspective, focusing on real-life situations. For example, routine vocabulary and conversational abilities are key skills to improve for PTE General.

Need more guidance on which one applies to you? Talk to our experts at EnglishWise right now and clarify it!

Why English Wise for PTE Online Coaching / Training?


1-1 interaction with each student


7 days classes


Live discussion


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Feedback classes

What You Get At EnglishWise

ALL NAATI CCL preparation materials (included in the course) at no extra cost
Unlimited Coaching and Assistance for 2 months
700-800 Vocabulary to practice
Personal and Private Feedback STRATEGIES + TECHNIQUES for NAATI CCL 50-60 Dialogues
Past exam repeated questions
Weekdays & weekend classes available
Assistance in booking NAATI CCL Exam

PTE Exam: Benefits of PTE Academic in Manama

PTE Academic integrates four essential aspects of language proficiency. They are speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Based on all these four aspects, you will be assessed and scored. Performing well in each of these areas is crucial for a good overall score, and that is going to get you into your dream college.

Here are the salient features of the PTE exam in Manama:

  • Computer-based exam: PTE is a computer-based examination, so it is much more adaptable than conventional paper-based exams.
  • Thorough assessment: The PTE exam tests you from four aspects, which include speaking, writing, listening and reading. Each of the areas is designed to apprehend your integrated abilities to communicate in a foreign land.
  • Adaptive scoring: PTE follows an adaptive algorithm, which means the question’s difficulty changes based on your performance. Such a personalised approach will lead to an accurate assessment of your skill level.
  • Fast results: The wait time to receive results is minimal with PTE, often within two to five business days. It is incredibly advantageous for those on tight deadlines.
  • Flexible retakes: The candidates who can’t clear the exam on their first attempt or those who aren’t satisfied with their results can have a retake with only a 5-day waiting period.

More importantly, the recognition for the PTE is widespread. Over 3000+ universities and colleges accept PTE Academic scores for admissions globally, which includes Harvard, Oxford, and many other esteemed entities. All these reasons make PTE Academic one of the most sought-after language assessment tests in the world.

The exam has three sections in total, including Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. Understanding each section and accordingly preparing is important to secure a great final score in your exam. Here’s a small brief for each section:

  • Speaking & Writing: Part one of the test contains seven types of questions, from describing an image in dialogue to writing essays. And as the name suggests, your speaking and writing skills are tested here. This section takes about 54 to 67 minutes, which is the longest of all three.
  • Reading: Part two of the PTE Academic is ‘Reading,’ and it lasts for about 29 to 30 minutes. This part comprises five question types, such as multiple choice and fill-in-the-blanks. Your comprehension skills are evaluated in this section of the test.
  • Listening: The final part of the test consists of listening comprehension. You will see eight kinds of questions here in a series of audio and video clips. You will hear the clip once, and you’re allowed to take notes. The clips play automatically, so you must pay keen attention not to miss them.

Online PTE Coaching in Manama

Students often try to push through this challenge on their own. While it’s appreciable, it can be a lot of pressure to take on. With a trained and certified trainer, you will be in a better pair of hands who know what to do. Your preparation will be much more effective, with sure shot success!

Our experts, for example, have a customised coaching approach, which has helped over 30,000 students since we initiated EnglishWise in 2013. With the highest PTE success rate in Australia, we are now set to help the aspirants of the PTE exam in Manama, Bahrain.

So, why is professional coaching preferred over self-preparation, one may ask?

  • Personalised Coaching: Each student is at a different level in their English language proficiency. Some may require the confidence to make conversations, while others may need to learn a particular industry-related vocabulary. Based on these details, we prepare a plan for you and execute it professionally, helping you get the score you need to get into your desired university.
  • Free Study Materials: One may source study materials from the internet, but they are no match to our expert-researched and compiled materials. They cover all the bases with utmost clarity and expertise. It will help you prepare well in all essential ways for your upcoming PTE exam in Manama.
  • Continued Progress Monitoring: One of the critical aspects of every exam preparation is to keep track of progress. Based on this, you can modify your study plan, aiming for better success. This is possible, with impressive consistency, when you have a trained PTE trainer helping you. In the case of EnglishWise, we conduct assessment exams every weekend, so you can be sure of your progress.
  • Quick Follow-ups: When you enrol in our professional PTE classes in Manama, one of the things you can expect is a quick follow-up on your enquiries. This puts you at ease, allowing you to fully concentrate on your preparation for the exam.

Receiving support from a professional will motivate you to work hard and achieve your goals. If you have goals that you cannot compromise with, you can reach out to us. We know how to help you out!


Pte and Naati Ccl Scorecard of Our Students

PTE Exam Fees & PTE Exam Centres in Manama

In Manama, Bahrain, there are a wide number of test centres that are reputable for taking the PTE exam. The test is conducted consistently across multiple locations, and you can choose a location that is convenient for you. Be glad that every centre can deliver a highly satisfying experience for you. But if you have any particular need, such as wheelchair accessibility or proximity to your home, you can visit the test centres in person and decide which suits you best.

One detail to remember is that male and female candidates have different test centres allotted for the PTE in Bahrain. So, make sure you are going to the right test centres for taking the exam. The PTE exam fee in Manama is another important factor here, which is priced at around $310 at present. The total costs may vary depending on your transportation and accommodation needs.

Pearson certifies and offers various locations in Manama City as test centres. However, the test location and fee change depending on your selected test date, location, and test type. Professional PTE coaching in Manama or the official website for the location can offer more clear-cut answers.

EnglishWise is equipped in every manner possible to help you in this journey. Reach out and talk to our experts without hesitating!

Meet the training team


Most certainly! Our online PTE classes in Manama are designed to support you in every manner we can. Along with free study materials and quick student callbacks, we offer undivided attention to every student. Many of our programs provide small group classes or one-to-one sessions that enable individualised attention for students.

The feedback you receive in these classes is much more specific and tailored to your learning style and needs. Connect with our representatives to find out more about this.

As part of our online PTE coaching in Manama, we offer a wide range of study materials for our students, free of cost. Some materials you’ll receive:

  • Textbooks
  • Practice tests
  • Video Lessons
  • Online resources
  • Sample questions
  • Mock Tests

These materials cover all the essential aspects of the exam, from speaking to writing to listening to reading, helping you familiarise yourself with the exam format and content.

Yes! It’s absolutely as effective, if not more, as in-person PTE classes in Manama, considering you chose the right course. Online coaching has advanced much in the last few years with LIVE classes, interactive sessions, personalised support, convenient hours, and more. You also need not commute long distances to get quality coaching.

Your PTE test scores are valid for 2 years from the date you appeared for the PTE exam in Manama. After that time, your scores won’t be valid and you will need to retake the exam. If you have more concerns regarding your score, you can contact us and clarify your doubts.

The duration of your classes depends on the course you choose and the institute you enrol in. Generally, you have both short-term and long-term PTE coaching in Manama. You must select the one that suits your preparation needs and current proficiency level.

If you need a more specific answer, please reach out to our representatives.

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