Our Story

We materialized when Shivi Bhalla (Founder & CEO) arrived in Australia in 2010 as an international student, studying accounting and finishing the course within 2 years. Shivi underwent a language test (IELTS) to apply for permanent residency. At the time, the success rate was 1/400-500 people.

After successfully passing and receiving his residency in July 2012, Shivi Bhalla realized he could help and teach others. With a strong background in teaching through his tutoring experience in high school and further teaching at a college for accounting and business, this was the foundation for EnglishWise and we were open for business in 2013

We now have 30,000+ successful students, 2,000+ google reviews, 600+ Facebook reviews and have the HIGHEST success rate in Australia for PTE/IELTS and NAATI


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EnglishWise also provides online classes for students living in regional Australia, India, Pakistan.

Why EnglishWise

One-on-one coaching, individual attention
Free study materials
No enrolment fees
Study all day at our institute. It’s free to use!
*Guaranteed PTE score courses available
Unlimited contact hours
Assessment exam every weekend to monitor your progress
Online support
Customised timetable for your convenience
Access to classes even after you have undertaken test
Weekend courses also available

EnglishWise Company values

Customer service 

EnglishWise business prides itself in exceptional service and highly-professional communication.

The team has several processes in place to ensure that students are provided with the best service possible. This includes; student call backs within 30 minutes, quick follow-up on student enquiries, offering online classes; and allowing students to participate at any time during working hours, without having to book/secure classes.

We believe that customer service does not end after a class, but nurture clients during enrolment and follow-up post (IELTS), NAATI CCL and PTE scores. We leave a positive impact on students which they have shared in reviews, testimonials, and recruitment of past students into the business.

Flexible & open mindset

We appreciate flexibility, a non-rigid mindset and an open mindedness that is ready to take on feedback.


We are all about ambition and wanting to grow. We are always looking for passionate people in their business, go-getter’s who are self-driven and want to add value to the brand. We aren’t too focused around money but we are constantly pushing boundaries to excel and exceed the business.

We exist because of passion and wanting to help others.

Welcoming Environment           

We understand that participating for the IELTS or PTE exams for residency can be a stressful and vulnerable moment in one’s life, therefore we make it our responsibility to offer and show empathy, presenting care whenever needed, support, time, and be attentive to each student which includes follow-up calls and checking up on them if the student missed class. Staff members will give respect, patience, politeness and understanding, as students will be asking a variety of different questions.

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